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PA Elk Range Adventures


Phil & Mary Burkhouse
2115 Old West Creek Road
Emporium, PA  15834
Phone:  814-486-0305




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Elk Viewing


     The Elk State Forest consists of 200,000 acres of land and 120 miles of streams and contains the majority of our primary elk range.

     Elk viewing is a year round event with peak tourism occurring during the rut in September and October.  This is the time of bugling and fighting for dominance and it actually begins in August and can extend into November.

     Bulls drop their antlers in March and April; their new antlers are not fully developed until early August.  Calving time is late May and June. 

     January and February are excellent times to observe the elk without a lot of human interference.

     Our elk viewing can consist of various combinations of vehicular, hiking, mountain biking, and spotlighting viewing opportunities.















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