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     Welcome to our home page.  We live in an isolated region in the north-central portion of PA-one of the states best kept secrets.

     Our area is a rugged royal area and is often referred to as the "Big Woods."  At the time of the Civil War our entire area was known as the Wildcat Region since it was very wild and remote.  The area is more civilized 150 years later-but fortunately not a whole lot more!

     Cameron County, our home base, and the surrounding area is a deeply dissected plateau with steep hills that rise approximately 1000' above the valley floor.  There is very little agriculture and 70% of our topography is covered with mixed northern hardwoods.  Our mountains are home to a vast variety of flora and fauna including deer, turkey, bear, grouse, bobcats, rattlesnakes, and our most famous attraction, the wapiti or elk.

     I am a nature photographer/guide/writer who spends the majority of each day roaming the elk range.  I have had pictures and stories published in numerous local, state, and national magazines and newspapers and I serve on our local Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) committee.  I am a life member of the NRA and also belong  to the PA outdoor writers association, and the NWTF since its inception.  I am also addicted to hunting and am an avid fisherman.

     My wife and our entire family are outdoor oriented and we enjoy sharing our area with people who have an appreciation for nature.  We have a contagious love of the outdoors.

     We have guided numerous individuals and groups on elk and general nature tours and also hunting and fishing adventures.  We will supply a list of references upon request.

     All pictures used at this site were taken by me and 11X16 prints can be ordered for $25.00 each.

     If you are interested in scheduling an adventure vacation please phone or e-mail us to discuss options and reserve a time.

     Our adventures are designed for all ages and ability levels and we are family oriented.







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